Welcome to Your Website!

Here are some tutorials to help you keep the site up-to-date:

Your WordPress Theme

Your site is built using Divi- a state-of-the-art builder.  You can find text and video tutorials on items specifically used to build your site here: 

Editing Text directly in your browser (Visual Builder)

It might be helpful to first watch the Getting Started With the Divi Builder Video to best understand your theme’s functionality.

To edit in the Text Module:

  • Visit the page you wish to edit. CLICK HERE to access your site in a new tab so you can have this tutorial open to follow along.
  • Click Enable Visual Builder in the black bar at the top of your site.
  • Scroll down to the text you wish to edit and click on the text.
  • Click the grey icon to access the text editor.
  • Edit your text.
  • Click the Green Check mark (bottom right) to exit the text editor.
  • Exit the Visual Builder (be sure to click SAVE & EXIT to save your changes)

Adding Posts to “The Latest” blog

Add a New Post either from the black bar at the top (make sure you choose New POST) or from Dashboard>Posts>Add New

In the Editor, type in your text. If you copy and paste  your text, check the text tab upper right of the editor to make sure you are not pasting in any unnecessary html formatting. DO NOT CLICK USE THE DIVI BUILDER.

Below the Text Editor area, in The Latest Vimeo Embed area, paste your Vimeo URL.

On the right side of the editor Choose “Reis Latest” as the category

Click “Set Featured Image” and place a screenshot or other image to use as a thumbnail for the Blog page. Best size is 1000px by 600px at 72dpi.

In upper right click Publish  to save the post.

Check The Latest blog roll to view the page with the thumbnail- https://riesvideoproductions.com/the-latest/

Click Thumbnail or title to view the finished Post.